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How can I order special tools for MP-1, MP-2 or MPE-2 paper punches?

Steel rule dies for MP-1 diecutter

There are several ready made tools are available for the Paperfox MP-1 Paper punch, but you can order individula tools from the manufacturer ( or from a local die maker.
The maximum size of the tool is 30x60mm, but you can't punch 30x60mm punches with this machine. You shouls keep minmum 3..5mm distance from the side of the tool and from the fixing screws. If you fix the tool with a double sided adhesive band instead of the screws, and fix a cutting plate without holes in the similar way, then you don't have to care with the position of the screws at the design.

Steel rule die cutting tool

This is an EP-1 euro slot punch tool for MP-1, KB-32, MP-2 and MPE-2.
You can see the position of the 2mm diameter holes for the fixing screws and the size of the tool.
If you want to order a tool from a die maker, you should design the tool in this size and with this holes.

Ejetion rubber on the die cutting tool

If the tool cuts a closed form you should use ejection rubber to remove the cutted parts of the material from the tool. If you don't use this rubber, the cutted material gets stuck into the tool and you can't use it more times.

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