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Can I use cutting plates from other materials?

VMP-1 cutting plate

I standard design we offer a VMP-1 cuttiing plate for

Paperfox MP-1 Paper punch
Paperfox KB-32 Punching, creasing machine
Paperfox MP-2 paper punch
Paperfox MPE-2 electric paper punch

This cutting plate is made from 3mm hard
textolit. Usually it is the proper solution.
If the tool doesn't cuts well the form, you can try to use softer POM or polyamid.
If you need a longer lifetime cutting plate, you can try to use harder materials.

If the thickness of the plate is not 3mm you have to set the paralelism of the machine.

Cutting plates for cylinder die cutting machine

Paperfox offers 3mm POM (Polioximetilen) plates for cylinder die cutters such as:

Paperfox H-1 rotary die cutting machine
Paperfox H-500A rotary die cutting machine

The POM is hard enough to cut on, but soft enough to save the die cutting tool
You can use other materials as well. The polyamid is cheaper, but it can becomecurved aftercertain usage.
The textolit is usually to hard, but sometimes works well.
Some customer using even steel plate.

If the thickness of the cutting plate is not 3mm, then you have to set thedie cutting machine to this thickness.

Composite cutting plates

In some cases the cutting task can't be sloved by a simple material. In thiscase you can use composite cutting plates.
The BL-32 cutting/Creasing plate consists of two layers: A harder plastis and a softer rubber surface.
On the rubber surface you can crease, on the hard plastic you can die cut.
Thanks to the elastic rubber, the cutting plate follows the unevennes of the tool and the machine, and thanks to the hard plastic makes a god quality cutting.
In certain cases you can try to use steel/rubber composite material too.

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